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In other news, I am having a lot of family events. Tomorrow my Crohn-cousin is getting married!

And last weekend we had the annual family weekend with my father's side. It was nice, and I really like that Schmooey is always comfortable enough that I don't have to be with him all the time. He does him and I do me, and it's all good. On Saturday me and my generation all went out together to some bar and then some club (Schmooey stayed at the hostel thingy) and it made me realise once again that no matter how much we might get along as cousins and partners, we really are very different and we have very different ideas of partying. And pretty much everyone was a couple.

And I never know how much I can get away with in a small town with people who are on average about 21 years old, so i tried not to be an all out queen. Which sort of failed I guess. And all my peeps were set on staying in the lame pop section and sing along with all the Dutch songs (and not in an ironic look-at-us-we're-so-cult kinda way i am familiar with) so it was a little bit awkward. And all the couples went home soon anyway. So i stayed behind with my female cousins. and then we ate, which was the highlight of the night even though people were gossiping about us in the snackbar, which was also weird.

And on Sunday Schmooey and DevilChild chased a duck:

In other news, I apparently upset my dad by not being very welcoming when he came by to pick up his drill, so my mom called me when he was exercising and went all guilt trippy, so i bought him an over the top lame card with some lame ass poem thanking him for being a friend/dad. that will work right?
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When I don't know what to say, i'll just post pictures, part 816

Okay SO last Thursday me and the mrs celebrated our one year anniversary(!) by going to a park slash museum and it was pretty nice. I look hot in all the pictures because i have a new Jedwardian haircut. we had fun, here's me sitting on an art while looking slightly evil:

and here's a picture of the lovely couple:

and here is a COMPLETELY UNRELATED picture of me vomiting gold:

Anyhoodle, the park was fun, i got a bit sick afterwards, and i am not on a lot of meds right now (because my fucked up immune system landed me in the hospital) so i am taking some time to recover, alas. And i have to start to apply to jobs now, so let's hope i'll find something not crappy soon.

Oh and I met cutandcollapse and her boo and that was pretty lovely. i haven't had an LJ meetup in ages, and yeah they loved Amsterdam, so it was easy being a tour guide.

ALSO i didn't realise until the pictures, but at the park thing i was a very colour coordinated hipster, ugh, look:

that's about it for now peeps
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oh hello

So ehm, my revival of this LJ didn't go as planned. but you know, i was in the hospital for a while and i am recovering at my parents' house. which is fine, but i am starting to miss Amsterdam, my house and in particular my own bed.

Anyway I am okay, talk to you soon!
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Okay i will try to revive this here livejournal

You know what's weird? Or who? Israelis.

There are a couple of things they do: quote a lot from weird Israeli tv-shows and talk and talk about the Eurovision. And not the general gay talk about the Eurovision, they know every entry and people who tried out for the national part of the contest and who placed 6th i 1984. Even the straight ones. It's scary.

And YET, my Israeli has never seen a lot of LEGENDARY movies. He hasn't seen Jesus Christ Superstar (okay that is not too weird), he doesn't even know about things like The Sound of Music, Annie or a Streetcar Named Desire. It is really freaky and weird.

That's all.

Also I am still obsessed with Paul Newman, I just watched Cool Hand Luke and now I am going for the Hustler. And i will be annoyed by his blue eyes, because I don't have them AND THEY COULD HAVE BEEN MINE cause my mom has really light blue eys, but i inherited my dad's boring dark blue ones. ugh.

Also there were a couple of pictures taken of me on Saturday, like this one. People I met there and I am totally taking over that picture, lol. also the half naked guy was pretty hot, but also a bit weird and really straight, so his halfnakedness was a bit puzzling

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you're standing on my neck

In other news, how do you call that thing where you are afraid of being around people? I think I have that. Well I've always had that to some extent, but it's getting worse. Thank god the Israeli is coming back tomorrow so he can influence me in a positive way. Also, my doctor upgraded me from getting me to see a psychologist to a psychiatrist (one who works in the hospital, so he might actually know disease related stuff).

I might be a new man in a couple of months. or you know, I might not

Also, everyone is going to Israel these days. My three best friends are going together in March. I wish I could go to, but A) I have no money and B) I should go there with the Israeli first, and have lovely awkward moments meeting his family.

And in other other news, I am watching Daria episodes online which is somewhat soothing to my depressed mood.
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oh looky here, a new entry

I know it's been a while, but hello new entry.

first, what the hell happened to my layout? this looks way crappier than before

second, I am sad because I just heard that my cousin went to the hospital. And because they couldn't do anything, they sent him back home. He has to wait for the 23rd or something for a colonoscopy, and for some weird ass reason they couldn't fit him in earlier. It's weird because A) I remember that they totally fitted me in and B) he has a fever, pain and a lot of blood in his poop.

in case it was unclear, this is my cousin who also has Crohn's disease. It's not like we're super close, but the disease made us bond and whenever we meet we have some talk about it which is good for the both of us. I saw him a couple of weeks ago and we talked and he seemed to be doing okay, but it's scary that now suddenly he's in enormous pain. And you know, I basically literally can feel his pain, so it's just ugh and I felt sad and started listening to Anastacia songs. Which is never a good thing, but you know she is a fellow Crohnie.

Also/third, I finally got the energy to watch the latest three Glee episodes and I know the show is silly and stuff, but the whole Kurt thing really gets to me (side effect of Crohn's disease: ever since I got sick I am WAAAAAY more emotional). Cause i've been there, done that and it's nice that there is a gay guy on a show that is somewhat realistic and still romantic. and it was good and I am in love with Blaine, although it's kinda annoying that there is the unrequited love thing going on again. but I love Blaine and I want his babies.

Anyway, they sang a gay duet, which is also one of my favourite songs, no matter who sings it (I can listen to any version of it, it's like Ne me quitte pas) and now i am in love with the gay version.

and omg yay
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Summertime and the living is, eh, easy?

So I guess I really need to update more again.

So I'm still dating the Israeli. It's all good, he's good to me and he understands that I have my physical woes. He bought me two lotions to rub my feet with because they always hurt. Like, as a surprise, how can you not love a man who does that. I don't know, we haven't been together long, but it feels really comfortable and familiar. Instead of like an intense crushy feeling with lots of anxiety it's more mellow and relaxed. And eh yeah, he's gonna meet my parents this week. He already met most of my friends, and I most of his friends in Amsterdam (who love and adore me of course).

I had a check-up of a year post-surgery, which means they stuck a camera up my ass to see how it was going. All looked well, so yay! I wasn't expecting bad things because besides my tiredness and my neverending joint pain, I don't have much stomach aches. It was still a little scary though, but everything looked great. The IV made a huge bruise though.

I lost my job. I was working on a project basis and there were no projects at the moment. I mean, it's not superfun, but so far it feels a little bit like a relief, because I can rest and finally socialize with my friends and such. The anxiety about money will probably kick in soon tho. But at least I wasn't fired because I did a bad job or whatever. There is just no work, and I can't work full time with being sick all the time, so I couldn't be the only one in the office answering the phone (as if I want to do that)

So yeah, interesting Summer so far.